Yesterday a lot of information was recovered by spadow and fiel (

I would like to share my thoughts about it!

Newly added NPC:

Newly added monsters:

Monsters are level 115 and higher! (for the complete stats check spadows blog or

K. So its Lionheart Castle eh?

Lets discuss the location first! Look at that npc holding those Keys. He is wearing a fur hat. Most of the monsters have fur on them (the last one event got magma/lava inside him) And where can we find furry monsters, NPCs with warm clothes and lava? Thats right! El nath! Even most of the monsters are Ice resistant.

Now lets take a look at what this new place is supposed to be.. A PQ? a new training area? A new GuildPQ?

The weakest monster (the crocodile one) has a total of 7.400.000 hp. Thats quite a lot for just a regular monster right? The other monsters even got higher HP. That doesn’t look like a nice monster to train on…

Furthermore the NPCs talk about the black mage taking over the castle…

What could this be? A new PQ? A new GPQ?

Considering KMS just got a huge guild revamp. And its more important then ever to acquire guildpoints (now only obtainable trough GPQ) I would say that this is another guild pq~!

Ofcourse everything I speculate of doesn’t have to be true! bear that in mind!

Thanx to spadow and fiel!