Directly taken and translated from the Nexon JP site (google translation)


The northeastern Pacific Ocean earthquake this time, I would like sincerely sympathy for those affected has been.

With the impact of the earthquake occurring after the date of our March 11, 2011, from Tokyo Electric Power Company, have been presented to the effect we might run out of electricity supply in the future.

Company will also, in light of the power shortage situation and circumstances of this time affected by the earthquake, and to everyone for all players to use our Nexon, at present considered to be difficult to maintain the quality of service due, in offering the following services: Nexon, will be temporary service outages.

Your service will be temporarily suspended

  • – All content provided by Nexon Game
  • Official site providing all the game content Nexon
  • * E-mail, telephone support service

Period is scheduled to stop

March 15, 2011 (Tuesday) 16:00 – March 23 (Wed) 18:00 ※ plans

Ni関Shimashite donation

Nexon is to support and welcome to everyone who’s earthquake affected areas this time, We can solicit donations.
I received the full amount will be donated to the Red Cross fund-raising.
NEXON points you have, you fundraising donation page here is.

Service to customers is Nexon, We apologize for any inconvenience, by any means, after understanding, and everyone
Thank you for your cooperation.


  • All content provided by Niokimashite Nexon games ※, I will temporarily stop the game server.
    Therefore, in the above period, the game will not be able to log in to the official site and game.
  • ※ Nekusonpointosaito is available as usual.
    In addition, more by the situation in the future, subject to change without notice.
  • Item compensation point in time-limited impact of this case each game ※ / correspondence regarding the return and is currently under review by
    There. Itashimashitara more determined at a later date, we will guide you through the official site announcements each game.
  • ※ With regard to e-mail support service after the period above, we will respond accordingly.
  • Should you contact us in case Ni関Shimashite ※, individual responses may you let me refrain.
  • ※ With regard to future service restart is subject to change without notice.
    Each game official site, thank you you for your check and Nexon official web portal.


To find out how you can support the earthquake relief effort in Japan. Visit, or text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10.


Thanks to mapleschool for getting me the heads up!