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Hello readers!

Long time no see eh!?

Today I wanted to blog about the european branch of Nexon! NexonEU!

As probably many players from all their games are wondering… WHATS GOING ON???

Nexon EU host the following games

Maplestory Europe – Recently updated

Combat Arm Europe – recently updated

Mabinogi Europe – last update [17/11/2010]

Fantage Europe – last update/event 2 months ago

Atlantica online Europe  – recently got a big update

Mabinogi hasn’t been updated for MONTHS,  Fantage hasn’t had a word from Nexon for over 2 months! Maplestory Europe is being attacked by hackers resulting in a messed up economy making everything worthless. Currently only combat arms is holding on. They have a lot of hackers there but that has always been the case!

What Nexon is going to do with all these problems? We don’t know.. Nexon told very little to nothing at all about future plans and how they will manage them.

Personally I hope Nexon gets a nice boost and will update or even change their programs in their defence against hackers!  Hopefully more news will be given out soon regarind Mabinogi and Fantage!

Seeing Vindictus Europe is going to be released this year (confirmed at the E3) I hope things will be sorted out by then!~

If you see a hacker make sure to report him/her~!

If you see a GM make sure to ask: WHATS GOING ON??



Nexon JP Shutting down temporary

Directly taken and translated from the Nexon JP site (google translation)


The northeastern Pacific Ocean earthquake this time, I would like sincerely sympathy for those affected has been.

With the impact of the earthquake occurring after the date of our March 11, 2011, from Tokyo Electric Power Company, have been presented to the effect we might run out of electricity supply in the future.

Company will also, in light of the power shortage situation and circumstances of this time affected by the earthquake, and to everyone for all players to use our Nexon, at present considered to be difficult to maintain the quality of service due, in offering the following services: Nexon, will be temporary service outages.

Your service will be temporarily suspended

  • – All content provided by Nexon Game
  • Official site providing all the game content Nexon
  • * E-mail, telephone support service

Period is scheduled to stop

March 15, 2011 (Tuesday) 16:00 – March 23 (Wed) 18:00 ※ plans

Ni関Shimashite donation

Nexon is to support and welcome to everyone who’s earthquake affected areas this time, We can solicit donations.
I received the full amount will be donated to the Red Cross fund-raising.
NEXON points you have, you fundraising donation page here is.

Service to customers is Nexon, We apologize for any inconvenience, by any means, after understanding, and everyone
Thank you for your cooperation.


  • All content provided by Niokimashite Nexon games ※, I will temporarily stop the game server.
    Therefore, in the above period, the game will not be able to log in to the official site and game.
  • ※ Nekusonpointosaito is available as usual.
    In addition, more by the situation in the future, subject to change without notice.
  • Item compensation point in time-limited impact of this case each game ※ / correspondence regarding the return and is currently under review by
    There. Itashimashitara more determined at a later date, we will guide you through the official site announcements each game.
  • ※ With regard to e-mail support service after the period above, we will respond accordingly.
  • Should you contact us in case Ni関Shimashite ※, individual responses may you let me refrain.
  • ※ With regard to future service restart is subject to change without notice.
    Each game official site, thank you you for your check and Nexon official web portal.


To find out how you can support the earthquake relief effort in Japan. Visit, or text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10.


Thanks to mapleschool for getting me the heads up!

From what we can read here, 2010 is going to be a great year for MapleStory Europe. With even more awesomeness to come!!!

MapleStory Resistance Jobs

The new MapleStory Resistance jobs currently are 2 jobs containing:

The BattleMage and the WildHunter.

The BattleMage is a Mage that fights with his stick and magic. It unleases powerfull attacks that have far more range then any warrior weapon would have.

This BattleMage does not get magic guard in the 1st job skills.

This job uses both int and luck as stats. Int as the main stat

The Wildhunter is a hunter that mounts its saber tooth tiger to ride around in the maple world. It also has the ability to attack while riding its mount

This job uses both dex and str. Dex as their main stat

Check out my latest video about what I am referring to

Also in this video, I made the skill names up. Those are not the real skill names!!


The new MapleStory Resistance jobs currently are 2 jobs containing:

[Beginners] Resistance base (level 1 ~ 10) AP6
Crystal throw
[the master level 3]
collected from the mines will attack the enemy’s base throwing distance.
MP consumed by 3 Damage 10
Damage 25 by spending MP 5
MP consumption by 7 Damage 40

[master level: 3]
for a short time crisis hiding to escape the move.
The cooldown: 1 minute
MP 5 to spend 10 seconds behind the body, increase speed 5
MP10 20 seconds to consume the body behind, improve speed 10
MP 15 consumer bodies and 30 seconds behind, moving speed of 15 Improve

Communication at Merit
[Master Level: 3]
to solve the insufficient supplies of medicine are taught how to use efficiently.
hoebokryang 110%
120% hoebokryang
hoebokryang 130%

[Master Level: 5]
the enemy’s weaknesses Fargo cause for the fatal attacks can become critical.
a 50% chance, critical damage 200%

[Master Level: 1]
as the monster’s strength has dropped below 40%, then the trap can be a monster.
leopard habitat Monsters can be captured to use as they ride.
MP 10 consumption, take a monster. Take up with five kinds.

Hunter’s call
[Master Level: 1]
to help their pets to consume MP calls out. Captured during their mopdeul are summoned randomly.
Required skill: Take a level above
10 Consumption MP of the summoned monsters captured.

1st Battle Mage (Levels 10-30)

Triple blow
[master-level : 20]
skills three key battered a number of nearby enemies quickly 3only to attack . up to 6dogs can strike the enemy .
MP 10 consumer , base damage 22
MP 10 consumer , base damage 24
MP 10 consumer , base damage 26
MP 10 consumer , base damage 28
MP 10 consumption , primary damage 30
MP 10 consumer , base damage 32
MP 10 consumer , base damage 34
MP 10 consumer , base damage 36
MP 10 consumer , base damage 38
MP 10 consumer , base damage 40
MP 20 consumer , base damage 42
MP 20 consumer , base damage 44
MP 20 consumer , base damage 46
MP 20 consumer , base damage 48
MP 20 consumption , primary damage 50
MP 20 consumer , base damage 52
MP 20 consumer , base damage 54
MP 20 consumer , base damage 56
MP 20 consumer , base damage 58
MP 20 consumer , base damage 60

attack finish
[the master-level : 10]
tooth comes out blown away in the form of light to attack the enemy . ‘s battering skills and BJ series can be used only by continuous and , stronger skills when used with blow damage is stronger than . the maximum 6of the enemy can attack dogs .
MP 11 consumer , base damage 21
MP 12 consumer , base damage 22
MP 13 consumer , base damage 23
MP 14 consumer , base damage 24
MP 15 consumer , base damage 25
MP 16 consumer , base damage 26
MP 17 consumer , base damage 27
MP 18 consumer , base damage 28
MP 19 consumer , base damage 29
MP 20 consumer , base damage 30

[Master Level : 15]
Up , Down , Left , Right arrow keys, using the same map on the other location at regular intervals to move is .
MP 50 consume Teleport , distance 136
MP 49 consume Teleport , distance 137
MP 46 consume Teleport , distance 138
MP 43 consume Teleport , distance 139
MP 40 consume Teleport , distance 140
MP 37 consume Teleport , distance 141
MP 34 consume Teleport , distance 142
MP 31 consume Teleport , distance 143
MP 28 consume Teleport , distance 144
MP 25 consume Teleport , distance 145
MP 22 consume Teleport , distance 146
MP 19 consume Teleport , distance 147
MP 16 consume Teleport , distance 148
MP 13 consume Teleport , distance 149
MP 10 consumption by Teleport , distance 150

Dark Aura
[Master Level : 20]
own body black aura emitting party’s damage and improve . come the duplicates can not use .
MP 15 consume Damage 1% Enhanced
MP 15 consume Damage 1% Enhanced
MP 15 consumption Damage to 2% enhanced
MP 15 Damage to spend 2% enhanced
MP 15 consumption damage by 3% strengthening
MP 20 consumption damage by 3% strengthening
MP 20 damage to consume 4% strengthening
MP 20 damage to consume 4% strengthening
MP 20 and damage consumer 5% strengthening
MP 20 consumption damage by 5% strengthening
MP 25 consumption damage by 6% strengthening
MP 25 consumption damage by 6% strengthening
MP 25 damage to consume 7% strengthening
MP 25 damage to consume 7% strengthening
MP 25 consumption damage by 8% Strengthening
MP 30 consume damage 8% Enhanced
MP 30 consume damage 9% strengthening
MP 30 consume damage 9% strengthening
MP 30 consume damage 10% enhanced
MP 30 consume damage 10% enhanced

After tommorows patch, Mabinogi Europe will no longer be in Beta and will be fully released!!!

This will mean a few things.

Generation 3 will be released

The cash shop will be launched

It all depends on what season GS3 will be released..

Weapons are rebalanced
New weapon manuals
Ores are made smaller, into a 2×2 size
Rank 6 skill cap is lifted
Marriage system added
Magic mastery, party healing, making mastery skills
Master titles, 10,000 arbeit title added

Magic musical effects
New handicraft recipes
Poison/antidote potions

Barrie / Ciar higher dungeon
New clothes/armor introduced
Housing system opens
Bird pets introduced (not the ones that you ride on)

Dark Knight
Rabbie dungeon battle arena

The official notice at the site is yet to be published!

Check out the launch trailer video!!

Mabinogi Europe Launch trailer

Thanx to hotyman321

Fantage Europe

Fantage Europe is Nexon Europe’s latest release.

It’s a game that targets youngsters from 7 to 12 years old.

The game looks a lot like a mixture of habbo hotel and neopets to me. You can play a lot of mini games, complete missions, host a fashion show, decorate your house, get pets and so on and on. You can dress up your character and change your looks.

The currency used in this game are stars. You gain stars by completing mini games. Also you can collect medals by completing missions or scoring in the top 10 of a mini game.

As a regular member there aren’t many items you can buy. This really is a downside. Luckily membership for 30 days only costs 4,95 euro. So even the youngsters who play this game shouldn’t have a hard time affording it.

Even tough I wonder how many people actually are going to play this game. I still think this is a good and safe game for the younger ones among us.

MapleStory the popular free-to-play MMORPG is today commemorating its third birthday in Europe. In celebration of this milestone, users can expect to be spoiled with a whole host of exciting events and content updates that are certain to get you in the party mood!

The celebrations begin with the Maple ‘Tree’ Story event, where users can help raise a Maple tree and collect Maple leaves in return. Maple leaves can be exchanged for weapon upgrades, used in the Maple Leaf quests or even combined to make special Maple Syrup! In addition to all this users can obtain a number of special third anniversary items, exclusive to this birthday period. Getting in the party mood MapleStory’s GM’s will also drop by to launch the GM Event, and last but not least we see the return of the well loved Cake Boss-Mob. Don’t be fooled by this giant strawberry sponge, as it’s a resilient character that’s tough in combat.

The Cake Boss-Mob is not the only enemy players will face in this birthday update, as MapleStory introduces the notorious Davy John and his band of pirates! In a battle to restore peace to Herb Town, players will have to fight off Davy John and his rogues. If that wasn’t quite enough to entertain you, then perhaps the infamous Bossmob Balrog will be. Eagerly seeking revenge on his rival, users can attempt to overthrow him and receive exclusive items that can’t be found anywhere else.
The birthday also offers the chance to gain an abundance of extra points and bonus items for those skilled enough. Maplestory’s new martial arts temple, Mu Lung Dojo, welcomes gamers in to take on challenges over 38 floors and win Mulung Medals for those that they conquer. Also introducing Monster Carnival season two, where users can continue to win rewards whilst battling it out – monster style!

As another special birthday gift to eager players MapleStory has revealed their next job class, Aran, coming to gamers later this summer. Maplers who want a sneak preview can have a taste of what’s to come.

Besides all these huge content releases, users can also expect to double their EXP for a limited period to gain higher levels. Plus as a special birthday gift to all their players NEXON Europe has also permanently increased the EXP earning rate by 130%! The fun just never ends.

With nearly 100 million players worldwide MapleStory is still a global success story, and with this latest series of updates and events we can see why it’s still one of the most popular MMORPG’s around. Let’s raise our glasses, happy birthday MapleStory!

MapleStory 2 Mabinogi 2

According to Nexon, as the sequel to Mabinogi, Mabinogi 2 is being developed smoothly and won’t be launched until it enjoys higher quality than Mabinogi. Mabinogi 2 is expected to meet the audience at the end of this year or at the beginning of next year, though details about its release schedule are still not confirmed. MapleStory 2 is undergoing smooth development as well, and is scheduled to debut next year.

Nexon acknowledged the existence of MapleStory 2 for the first time at Gstar 2009, and announced that Eun Do Che, director of Wizet, was assigned to start this game’s development last year. At the press conference, Eun Do Che admitted that there’s indeed a team working on MapleStory 2’s development. But this is still kept secret within the company.

Developers of MapleStory are also helping with the game’s development. In the future, Seong Chan Lee will take over as the director of Wizet and apply himself to MapleStory 2’s development.                                                                                                                                                  
Jae Kyo Lee from Nexon also disclosed that besides sequels to MapleStory, Seong Chan Lee would also work on many other new projects’ development. But detailed content about the new projects still cannot be made pubic at present.