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Hello readers!

Long time no see eh!?

Today I wanted to blog about the european branch of Nexon! NexonEU!

As probably many players from all their games are wondering… WHATS GOING ON???

Nexon EU host the following games

Maplestory Europe – Recently updated

Combat Arm Europe – recently updated

Mabinogi Europe – last update [17/11/2010]

Fantage Europe – last update/event 2 months ago

Atlantica online Europe  – recently got a big update

Mabinogi hasn’t been updated for MONTHS,  Fantage hasn’t had a word from Nexon for over 2 months! Maplestory Europe is being attacked by hackers resulting in a messed up economy making everything worthless. Currently only combat arms is holding on. They have a lot of hackers there but that has always been the case!

What Nexon is going to do with all these problems? We don’t know.. Nexon told very little to nothing at all about future plans and how they will manage them.

Personally I hope Nexon gets a nice boost and will update or even change their programs in their defence against hackers!  Hopefully more news will be given out soon regarind Mabinogi and Fantage!

Seeing Vindictus Europe is going to be released this year (confirmed at the E3) I hope things will be sorted out by then!~

If you see a hacker make sure to report him/her~!

If you see a GM make sure to ask: WHATS GOING ON??



This all has been told by a nexon employe on the ems forums!

April – Dual Bladers

May – 4th anniversery event, chaos bosses, hob goblin pq

July/August – The Big Bang update

Lionheart Castle (MapleStory)

Yesterday a lot of information was recovered by spadow and fiel (

I would like to share my thoughts about it!

Newly added NPC:

Newly added monsters:

Monsters are level 115 and higher! (for the complete stats check spadows blog or

K. So its Lionheart Castle eh?

Lets discuss the location first! Look at that npc holding those Keys. He is wearing a fur hat. Most of the monsters have fur on them (the last one event got magma/lava inside him) And where can we find furry monsters, NPCs with warm clothes and lava? Thats right! El nath! Even most of the monsters are Ice resistant.

Now lets take a look at what this new place is supposed to be.. A PQ? a new training area? A new GuildPQ?

The weakest monster (the crocodile one) has a total of 7.400.000 hp. Thats quite a lot for just a regular monster right? The other monsters even got higher HP. That doesn’t look like a nice monster to train on…

Furthermore the NPCs talk about the black mage taking over the castle…

What could this be? A new PQ? A new GPQ?

Considering KMS just got a huge guild revamp. And its more important then ever to acquire guildpoints (now only obtainable trough GPQ) I would say that this is another guild pq~!

Ofcourse everything I speculate of doesn’t have to be true! bear that in mind!

Thanx to spadow and fiel!

From what we can read here, 2010 is going to be a great year for MapleStory Europe. With even more awesomeness to come!!!

MapleStory Resistance Jobs

The new MapleStory Resistance jobs currently are 2 jobs containing:

The BattleMage and the WildHunter.

The BattleMage is a Mage that fights with his stick and magic. It unleases powerfull attacks that have far more range then any warrior weapon would have.

This BattleMage does not get magic guard in the 1st job skills.

This job uses both int and luck as stats. Int as the main stat

The Wildhunter is a hunter that mounts its saber tooth tiger to ride around in the maple world. It also has the ability to attack while riding its mount

This job uses both dex and str. Dex as their main stat

Check out my latest video about what I am referring to

Also in this video, I made the skill names up. Those are not the real skill names!!


The new MapleStory Resistance jobs currently are 2 jobs containing:

[Beginners] Resistance base (level 1 ~ 10) AP6
Crystal throw
[the master level 3]
collected from the mines will attack the enemy’s base throwing distance.
MP consumed by 3 Damage 10
Damage 25 by spending MP 5
MP consumption by 7 Damage 40

[master level: 3]
for a short time crisis hiding to escape the move.
The cooldown: 1 minute
MP 5 to spend 10 seconds behind the body, increase speed 5
MP10 20 seconds to consume the body behind, improve speed 10
MP 15 consumer bodies and 30 seconds behind, moving speed of 15 Improve

Communication at Merit
[Master Level: 3]
to solve the insufficient supplies of medicine are taught how to use efficiently.
hoebokryang 110%
120% hoebokryang
hoebokryang 130%

[Master Level: 5]
the enemy’s weaknesses Fargo cause for the fatal attacks can become critical.
a 50% chance, critical damage 200%

[Master Level: 1]
as the monster’s strength has dropped below 40%, then the trap can be a monster.
leopard habitat Monsters can be captured to use as they ride.
MP 10 consumption, take a monster. Take up with five kinds.

Hunter’s call
[Master Level: 1]
to help their pets to consume MP calls out. Captured during their mopdeul are summoned randomly.
Required skill: Take a level above
10 Consumption MP of the summoned monsters captured.

1st Battle Mage (Levels 10-30)

Triple blow
[master-level : 20]
skills three key battered a number of nearby enemies quickly 3only to attack . up to 6dogs can strike the enemy .
MP 10 consumer , base damage 22
MP 10 consumer , base damage 24
MP 10 consumer , base damage 26
MP 10 consumer , base damage 28
MP 10 consumption , primary damage 30
MP 10 consumer , base damage 32
MP 10 consumer , base damage 34
MP 10 consumer , base damage 36
MP 10 consumer , base damage 38
MP 10 consumer , base damage 40
MP 20 consumer , base damage 42
MP 20 consumer , base damage 44
MP 20 consumer , base damage 46
MP 20 consumer , base damage 48
MP 20 consumption , primary damage 50
MP 20 consumer , base damage 52
MP 20 consumer , base damage 54
MP 20 consumer , base damage 56
MP 20 consumer , base damage 58
MP 20 consumer , base damage 60

attack finish
[the master-level : 10]
tooth comes out blown away in the form of light to attack the enemy . ‘s battering skills and BJ series can be used only by continuous and , stronger skills when used with blow damage is stronger than . the maximum 6of the enemy can attack dogs .
MP 11 consumer , base damage 21
MP 12 consumer , base damage 22
MP 13 consumer , base damage 23
MP 14 consumer , base damage 24
MP 15 consumer , base damage 25
MP 16 consumer , base damage 26
MP 17 consumer , base damage 27
MP 18 consumer , base damage 28
MP 19 consumer , base damage 29
MP 20 consumer , base damage 30

[Master Level : 15]
Up , Down , Left , Right arrow keys, using the same map on the other location at regular intervals to move is .
MP 50 consume Teleport , distance 136
MP 49 consume Teleport , distance 137
MP 46 consume Teleport , distance 138
MP 43 consume Teleport , distance 139
MP 40 consume Teleport , distance 140
MP 37 consume Teleport , distance 141
MP 34 consume Teleport , distance 142
MP 31 consume Teleport , distance 143
MP 28 consume Teleport , distance 144
MP 25 consume Teleport , distance 145
MP 22 consume Teleport , distance 146
MP 19 consume Teleport , distance 147
MP 16 consume Teleport , distance 148
MP 13 consume Teleport , distance 149
MP 10 consumption by Teleport , distance 150

Dark Aura
[Master Level : 20]
own body black aura emitting party’s damage and improve . come the duplicates can not use .
MP 15 consume Damage 1% Enhanced
MP 15 consume Damage 1% Enhanced
MP 15 consumption Damage to 2% enhanced
MP 15 Damage to spend 2% enhanced
MP 15 consumption damage by 3% strengthening
MP 20 consumption damage by 3% strengthening
MP 20 damage to consume 4% strengthening
MP 20 damage to consume 4% strengthening
MP 20 and damage consumer 5% strengthening
MP 20 consumption damage by 5% strengthening
MP 25 consumption damage by 6% strengthening
MP 25 consumption damage by 6% strengthening
MP 25 damage to consume 7% strengthening
MP 25 damage to consume 7% strengthening
MP 25 consumption damage by 8% Strengthening
MP 30 consume damage 8% Enhanced
MP 30 consume damage 9% strengthening
MP 30 consume damage 9% strengthening
MP 30 consume damage 10% enhanced
MP 30 consume damage 10% enhanced