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Long time no see eh!?

Today I wanted to blog about the european branch of Nexon! NexonEU!

As probably many players from all their games are wondering… WHATS GOING ON???

Nexon EU host the following games

Maplestory Europe – Recently updated

Combat Arm Europe – recently updated

Mabinogi Europe – last update [17/11/2010]

Fantage Europe – last update/event 2 months ago

Atlantica online Europe  – recently got a big update

Mabinogi hasn’t been updated for MONTHS,  Fantage hasn’t had a word from Nexon for over 2 months! Maplestory Europe is being attacked by hackers resulting in a messed up economy making everything worthless. Currently only combat arms is holding on. They have a lot of hackers there but that has always been the case!

What Nexon is going to do with all these problems? We don’t know.. Nexon told very little to nothing at all about future plans and how they will manage them.

Personally I hope Nexon gets a nice boost and will update or even change their programs in their defence against hackers!  Hopefully more news will be given out soon regarind Mabinogi and Fantage!

Seeing Vindictus Europe is going to be released this year (confirmed at the E3) I hope things will be sorted out by then!~

If you see a hacker make sure to report him/her~!

If you see a GM make sure to ask: WHATS GOING ON??



Vindictus EUROPE!

FINALLY! (lol not really but still)

Vindictus is coming to europe this year!! AFter several accidentally given hints like the creation and deleting of the vindictus europe facebook nexon has announced that vindictus will be released in europe!

Check this out!!

Oh… Cant read korean?? Check the translation here then:

Europe’s largest game fair ‘geimseukeom’ attack spurs throughout Europe

– ‘Mabinogi youngungjeon’ service goals this year, expanded lineup of five dogs

– Strengthening business cooperation and European subsidiaries NDOORS, Establishment of the resident through the attack spurs

– Continued strong growth last year, followed, first half sales grew 159 percent compared to last year

[Nexon offers] ㈜ Nexon (representing the common people, gangsincheol) the coming Wed the 18th from the datsaegan to be held in Cologne, Germany Messe exhibition games in Europe’s largest ‘geimseukeom (Gamescom)’ participation in the game lineup and the expansion and its subsidiaries announcing the strengthening of cooperation, through which to target the European market, spurred further said.

First, the European company through Nexon ‘Mabinogi youngungjeon (Local Service Name Vindictus)’ lineup of games in Europe, debt service will expand the total number is 5. Nexon Mabinogi youngungjeon the best action with a high-end visuals and highly familiar with the console game will appeal to European gamers strongly determined to open at the end of the year is expected to rush to the localization task.

In addition, Nexon’s subsidiary incorporated in May last NDOORS strengthen cooperation with the European online gaming market share in Europe to be nopyeonagal, the ‘geimseukeom’ also will participate in collaboration with NDOORS. NDOORS in October last year, its popular MMORPG ‘Atlantica’ to open in Europe, a strong popular and upcoming ‘Atlantica Trojans’ plans to release.

Nexon such attack in Europe to enhance the online game market in Europe to establish resident corporation is planning this year. Jobs, as well as local corporations to look more closely for gamers and equipped with operating and localized marketing activities will continue.

Sung Jin Kim, Nexon’s director and general manager of European operations, “a thorough understanding of European cultures through the localization from the European online gaming market continues to grow has been remarkable,” said “future cooperation with NDOORS, due to various line configurations demanding users in Europe gongryakhae’s appetite will even leap, “he said.

Meanwhile, the Nexon corporation in Europe ‘Maple Story’ and ‘Combat Arms’ to promote the continued sales of the first half of this year rose 159 percent compared to last year (by Sterling), has in May this year, each service began in January ‘Mabinogi’ and ‘Fantasy (Fantage)’ also recently engaged in a full-fledged commercial service in the lineup has Come.

And here:

” german article ”

Nexon Europe presents at the upcoming 2010 gamescom hack’n’slash MMOG Vindictus. We are very glad to you in advance to show the teaser trailer. The video you briefly presents the setting of Vindictus and presents gripping, lightning-fast fighting.

The game is already since the beginning of the year in Korea as the ‘Mabinogi: Heroes released’ and is found under a name Vindictus its way North America and Europe. For more details we learn on the gamescom.

Many thanks to hyarume 😀


Vindictus: Killing and Spilling

Last month alot of information was released about vindictus.

This includes information about

– The Potion spilling system

– The stamina system

– Alfa testing at the Nexon HQ

– Dev Diary

The Potion spilling system:

Vindictus uses a potion spilling system. Meaning that when you run, you are bound to lose some of your potion when you drink it due to spilling. Meaning you will heal less if you run and use a potion then when you stand still and drink one.

The stamina system:

Swinging around your weapon will make you lose stamina, if your stamina runs out you will be unable to continue fighting and will run alot slower.

Also when carrying an object you will lose stamina, if your stamina runs out you will drop the object and it will shatter.

Nexon Alfa testing at their HQ

Nexon invited a few lucky games to test out vindictus.

Nexon says:

As part of our continuing preparation for the beta test of Vindictus, we conducted a User Experience (UX) test for Vindictus at our Nexon offices. The focus was to study testers’ activities and get their feedback about their initial experience with Vindictus. Elements such as keyboard/mouse controls, user interface, and character customization were all monitored by the development team.

Dev Diary – Creating Vindictus

Vindictus started from an idea that creating a separate, independent game based on the dungeon play in Mabinogi might be interesting. It contains videogame-style action not seen in most online games. It can be said that Vindictus is the most action oriented RPG game.

The original Mabinogi is a game that is loved by fans of Japanese anime. For Vindictus, a spinoff of Mabinogi, we attempted to create a style that would be liked by a wider audience including adults. Although the basic game is based on Celtic mythology, we took references from various eras and regions to enhance the game experience. visuals offer a unique blend of Greece or Roman era as well as of the Huns, etc. Mabinogi and Vindictus share a common background, but they are two different stories. This is why they do not have a direct relationship despite having similar elements. Users who know Mabinogi will find elements from the original game that they will enjoy and users who have no knowledge of Mabinogi will still be able to fully enjoy Vindictus.

In order to highlight the action in Vindictus, we aimed to create an interactive experience with monsters as well as the surrounding environment. In order to do that, the online game play inside the dungeons had to utilize a physics engine. In accomplishing this feat, we focused on Half Life 2 and the Source Engine. As a result, we are proud of the detailed action found in Vindictus. Inside the dungeons, players can experience many portions of the dungeon breaking and collapsing during the battles. Most of the objects in the game can be picked up, thrown, and used as weapons. In fact, even the corpses of dead monsters can be used as weapons.

Just as the turn-based system employed in strategy simulation games has been replaced by RTS systems, future online games will become more action oriented. Because advancements in technology are allowing for more detailed expressions, what was once left to the imagination of players is now becoming more visible to the player.

The combat system in Vindictus is in the forefront of this trend and utilizes a fully fledged action game format. A hit will only register when a user ‘ s weapon makes precise contact with a monster minor-latin;s body and the monster is, in turn, impeded. It is completely different from the sedate combat method employed in normal MMORPGs.

Although the game play is more action based, we feel that the game will appeal to a wide range of gamers – MMO gamers as well as action gamers.

Vindictus is a game that has been made to be simpler with abbreviated processes compared to normal MMORPGs. There is no need to run around looking for party members or travel far to enter a dungeon. Players can make a party and enter a dungeon easily from the dock located next to town. These aspects differentiate Vindictus from MMORPGs, which may progress much more slowly.

Currently, the crafting system is handled by an NPC. Basic battles utilize four member parties, but certain battles utilize a raid format which allows for up to eight members. Our plan is to expand this to instanced dungeon levels prevalent in MMO games. For PVP, we are planning to include different modes and currently have the P match, which is a CTF style game.

We have a long list of features and content that will be developed in the future. Based on feedback from our players, new items will be added or deleted from this list. Some things that we consider crucial for a long-term life cycle of the game will be maintained despite some fear from users. However, we want to add things that the players really want as long as they are possible. Unfortunately though, we will not be able to fulfill requests for things that go against the identity of the games or the acceptable worldview contained in the game.


The game is actually a prequel to Nexon’s other popular title Mabinogi. It will use a modified Source engine, so expect brutally elegant gameplay that will be heavy on the physics.

While players will start out in large social areas to meet, buy things and to plan out adventures, they will travel into instanced areas as in Guild Wars. In these areas, though, players will enjoy the freedom to break almost anything and use it as a weapon. Tombstones and trees become clubs, and enemies can be bowled over by fallen pillars. Even your very enemies can be thrown!

While the same team that made Mabinogi are working on Vindictus, that is where the similarities end. Vindictus is bloody, but with a level of elegance to it. While Mabinogi has it’s “fantasy life, meaning cooking and crafting, this game will be fantasy slash.” The humans in the land, in their search for Erin (Mabinogi’s world) decide to destroy all of the non-humans, the Fomors, that they find. Some of the Fomors are slightly misunderstood, though, with some factions that would rather make peace with the humans.

Character selection might sound sparse at first, allowing players to select from only 3 main characters. There will be a two-handed swordsman, a sword-and-shield female guardian type, and a scythe/mace wielding magician. Each character has its own fighting style as well. Then you can customize them more to your tastes. And Nexon being Nexon, we are sure there will be even more customization opening up thanks to items from the cash shop.

Armor will be treated differently in this game than in most MMOs. As you gain damage, you will literally see the damage on your armor. Arrows will stick in your shield, and dents and dirt will tell you that it’s time to get repaired. “We want you feeling like you are going into the battle field not only doing well,” said Kim “but looking really really cool.”

Boss battles and combat will require a lot of teamwork, and will be quite challenging. In some battles, one player might latch a chain to an enemy while others in the party attack and cause damage. The endgame will consist of groups of 6-10 players, but as of yet features no PvP. Don’t worry, PvP is planned and will be a part of the game some time after launch.

Q&A with Nexon US

Q: When is Vindictus being released:
A: We are currently targeting Fall of 2010 for the release of Vindictus. Prior to the release, we will be holding multiple beta test phases with many opportunities for fans to enter the beta. Facebook fans should keep an eye out, we’re definitely planning to hold beta invites at facebook as well!

Q: Why isn’t it called Mabinogi Hero’s?
A:While Mabinogi and Vindictus share a universe, they’re actually very different games. We felt it was important to differentiate between the two right off the bat. This way, both Mabinogi fans and those who have never heard of the original game won’t come to Vindictus expecting an experience similar to the original Mabinogi. “Vindictus” (which brings to mind both “vindictive,” meaning unforgiving, and “vindicate,” meaning redemption) creates an impression of both the brutally elegant combat in the game and hints at elements of the deep, intense story line.

Q: What are the minimum PC requirments?
A:Minimum Requirements

CPU: Single Core 2.4 GHZ
RAM: 512 MB
Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce 5xxx series or equivalent
Operating System: Windows XP
Hard Drive: 5 Gigabytes
Network: Broadband Recommended

Recommended Requirements

CPU: Duo Core or higher
Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce 7xxx series or equivalent
Operating System: Windows XP or higher
Hard Drive: 6 Gigabytes or more
Network: Broadband Recommended

Q: Is Vindictus free to play?
A: Yes it is free to play and will future a cash shop.