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Maplestory Chaos New boss Theory

Heya all!!!

I think you already heard about the new MapleStory Chaos patch…

You can find a lot of info about it here:

I was interested in a new boss that is going to be released since she isn’t revealed yet. This is a picture of her:

Do you also think she looks a lot like the KoC empress? I do..

Also if you look at the other screenshots that have been released:

What do we see here. A destroyed henesys and 2 mirrors that are destroyed. And what do they look like? The dimensional mirror exactly! The left one shows a colorful place and the right one a dark one. Guess what one leads to the destroyed henesys.








So the conclusion is obvious the “queen” boss is the empress of the other dimension of maplestory were the maplestory world is in ruins..

The new area will be in this other dimension


Case solved! Have a good one!



Nexon Europe Updates/ Combat arms Europe Amazing update

Long time no see everyone!!

Nexon Europe announced some pretty nice events and an amazing patch of combat arms europe.

More information will be down below..


Meanwhile there still is no news about Vindictus europe, that is said to hit closed beta at the end of this year.

Also MapleStory Europe will get another huge update this christmas.

Mabinogi europe went amazingly fast and is currently at generation 12!!

There are small updates for Fantage Europe but nothing special at this point.


Combat arms press release:


Weapons ready? Check!

Adrenaline at 100%? Check!

Fireteam ready? Check!

Move out!

Today, Nexon continues their dedication to regular and excellent game updates for their Free to Play FPS, Combat Arms with a raft of new content designed to delight new and old ‘soldiers’ alike! Here is a rundown of some of the new features being integrated into the highly popular shooter:

Zombie Alert in Combat Arms!

In the fantastic new PvE Fireteam mission “Black Lung”, the hunt for the deadly virus sample created by the Nemexis Corp continues, picking up directly where “Operation: Overdose” ended. This new PvE Co-Op mission begins in an abandoned mine, consisting of a network of branching tunnels filled to the brim with ravenous, aggressive zombies. The objective is to eliminate all of the infected and eventually seal off the entire mining-complex, to prevent any further outbreak of the deadly virus.

Lock and Load, Soldier!

To aid their brave troops on this vital mission, Nexon is providing them with brand new weapons; including some heavy machine guns for those with twitchy trigger fingers – good aiming is not a primary concern here… better to spray and pray than to fall foul to a face full of zombie! These weapons are available in both PvE and PvP combat, so you can test them on both undead and human targets.

Winter Sale opens today!

This November, Nexon will be introducing special deals to the in-game store, with new goods rotating weekly until the end of the month. To celebrate Guy Fawkes Night, the first discounted items will be explosive items, allowing any budding anarchists to indulge their tendencies to the full in Combat Arms battles! Daily Reward Events will also be implemented from today, with bonus items awarded to players just for logging in to Combat Arms in the month of November!

To celebrate these updates, Nexon is also promoting a “Capture the Video” event, where players are encouraged to record and upload their successful Black Lung raids. The lucky winner will receive a €100 voucher for the item store; visit for more details on this competition.

All game related trailers can be viewed at , whilst a press kit can be found at the following link:

For more information on Combat Arms, visit or the official Facebook page at


New youtube channel! MapleStory Guides & tips!

Hey everyone! c0pperchan & MarcelxMaple made a new youtube channel!

Here you can find guides on how to level quickly, how to make mesos and more!!!

Click the link and tell us what you think about it!!

Lionheart Castle (MapleStory)

Yesterday a lot of information was recovered by spadow and fiel (

I would like to share my thoughts about it!

Newly added NPC:

Newly added monsters:

Monsters are level 115 and higher! (for the complete stats check spadows blog or

K. So its Lionheart Castle eh?

Lets discuss the location first! Look at that npc holding those Keys. He is wearing a fur hat. Most of the monsters have fur on them (the last one event got magma/lava inside him) And where can we find furry monsters, NPCs with warm clothes and lava? Thats right! El nath! Even most of the monsters are Ice resistant.

Now lets take a look at what this new place is supposed to be.. A PQ? a new training area? A new GuildPQ?

The weakest monster (the crocodile one) has a total of 7.400.000 hp. Thats quite a lot for just a regular monster right? The other monsters even got higher HP. That doesn’t look like a nice monster to train on…

Furthermore the NPCs talk about the black mage taking over the castle…

What could this be? A new PQ? A new GPQ?

Considering KMS just got a huge guild revamp. And its more important then ever to acquire guildpoints (now only obtainable trough GPQ) I would say that this is another guild pq~!

Ofcourse everything I speculate of doesn’t have to be true! bear that in mind!

Thanx to spadow and fiel!

Vindictus EUROPE!

FINALLY! (lol not really but still)

Vindictus is coming to europe this year!! AFter several accidentally given hints like the creation and deleting of the vindictus europe facebook nexon has announced that vindictus will be released in europe!

Check this out!!

Oh… Cant read korean?? Check the translation here then:

Europe’s largest game fair ‘geimseukeom’ attack spurs throughout Europe

– ‘Mabinogi youngungjeon’ service goals this year, expanded lineup of five dogs

– Strengthening business cooperation and European subsidiaries NDOORS, Establishment of the resident through the attack spurs

– Continued strong growth last year, followed, first half sales grew 159 percent compared to last year

[Nexon offers] ㈜ Nexon (representing the common people, gangsincheol) the coming Wed the 18th from the datsaegan to be held in Cologne, Germany Messe exhibition games in Europe’s largest ‘geimseukeom (Gamescom)’ participation in the game lineup and the expansion and its subsidiaries announcing the strengthening of cooperation, through which to target the European market, spurred further said.

First, the European company through Nexon ‘Mabinogi youngungjeon (Local Service Name Vindictus)’ lineup of games in Europe, debt service will expand the total number is 5. Nexon Mabinogi youngungjeon the best action with a high-end visuals and highly familiar with the console game will appeal to European gamers strongly determined to open at the end of the year is expected to rush to the localization task.

In addition, Nexon’s subsidiary incorporated in May last NDOORS strengthen cooperation with the European online gaming market share in Europe to be nopyeonagal, the ‘geimseukeom’ also will participate in collaboration with NDOORS. NDOORS in October last year, its popular MMORPG ‘Atlantica’ to open in Europe, a strong popular and upcoming ‘Atlantica Trojans’ plans to release.

Nexon such attack in Europe to enhance the online game market in Europe to establish resident corporation is planning this year. Jobs, as well as local corporations to look more closely for gamers and equipped with operating and localized marketing activities will continue.

Sung Jin Kim, Nexon’s director and general manager of European operations, “a thorough understanding of European cultures through the localization from the European online gaming market continues to grow has been remarkable,” said “future cooperation with NDOORS, due to various line configurations demanding users in Europe gongryakhae’s appetite will even leap, “he said.

Meanwhile, the Nexon corporation in Europe ‘Maple Story’ and ‘Combat Arms’ to promote the continued sales of the first half of this year rose 159 percent compared to last year (by Sterling), has in May this year, each service began in January ‘Mabinogi’ and ‘Fantasy (Fantage)’ also recently engaged in a full-fledged commercial service in the lineup has Come.

And here:

” german article ”

Nexon Europe presents at the upcoming 2010 gamescom hack’n’slash MMOG Vindictus. We are very glad to you in advance to show the teaser trailer. The video you briefly presents the setting of Vindictus and presents gripping, lightning-fast fighting.

The game is already since the beginning of the year in Korea as the ‘Mabinogi: Heroes released’ and is found under a name Vindictus its way North America and Europe. For more details we learn on the gamescom.

Many thanks to hyarume 😀


The mechanic job

Sooo KMST has some more stuff released in tespia, this was found by FIEL from SOUTHPERRY.NET
So many thanks to FIEL for the info!!

Like shown before in my upcoming content video I suggested this town:

So today FIEL found the robot equip window, lets see that!

That looks like 5 new equips for your robot! Better save some money future mechanics!!

Along with the mechanic job a few new area’s will be released, those include the Mechanic starting town and related monsters.

And also a Mine of sort protected by robots!

Check out some monsters here:

Check out this new boss: A bomb timer :O

Intersting stuff! The bomb is a boss so my guess is that it will relate to a new PQ! The mine area is for about 40+ I am wondering what we are going to see in the future. Remember.. I am speculating alot, nothing about a mine area is comfired yet, but it seems logic regarding the look of the monsters ^_^

happy mapling!

Dragon Nest USA

Nexon USA has showed more footige of Dragon Nest for the USA!

Dragon Nest is one of the new titles that Nexon USA will release! Let me tell you a little about the game!


In the peaceful continent of Lemuria, one day appeared the legendary emblems with the power of dragons. The chosen ones who have acquired the emblems turned themselves into mighty dragons. Power inevitably leads to tyranny and plunder. Craving for ever greater power. Dragons devastate the continent in search of more emblems and gemstones. Simmered with indignation, brave warriors get together from all over the continent to fight off the evil dragons.

Dragon Nest is an online, action role-playing game. Actual gameplay involves adrenaline-pumping, high-speed combat with visually stunning attack combos. At the same time, it also incorporates an epic storyline and role-playing elements of both classic RPGs and MMORPGs alike.

Watch their awesome video 😀

Vindictus: Killing and Spilling

Last month alot of information was released about vindictus.

This includes information about

– The Potion spilling system

– The stamina system

– Alfa testing at the Nexon HQ

– Dev Diary

The Potion spilling system:

Vindictus uses a potion spilling system. Meaning that when you run, you are bound to lose some of your potion when you drink it due to spilling. Meaning you will heal less if you run and use a potion then when you stand still and drink one.

The stamina system:

Swinging around your weapon will make you lose stamina, if your stamina runs out you will be unable to continue fighting and will run alot slower.

Also when carrying an object you will lose stamina, if your stamina runs out you will drop the object and it will shatter.

Nexon Alfa testing at their HQ

Nexon invited a few lucky games to test out vindictus.

Nexon says:

As part of our continuing preparation for the beta test of Vindictus, we conducted a User Experience (UX) test for Vindictus at our Nexon offices. The focus was to study testers’ activities and get their feedback about their initial experience with Vindictus. Elements such as keyboard/mouse controls, user interface, and character customization were all monitored by the development team.

Dev Diary – Creating Vindictus

Vindictus started from an idea that creating a separate, independent game based on the dungeon play in Mabinogi might be interesting. It contains videogame-style action not seen in most online games. It can be said that Vindictus is the most action oriented RPG game.

The original Mabinogi is a game that is loved by fans of Japanese anime. For Vindictus, a spinoff of Mabinogi, we attempted to create a style that would be liked by a wider audience including adults. Although the basic game is based on Celtic mythology, we took references from various eras and regions to enhance the game experience. visuals offer a unique blend of Greece or Roman era as well as of the Huns, etc. Mabinogi and Vindictus share a common background, but they are two different stories. This is why they do not have a direct relationship despite having similar elements. Users who know Mabinogi will find elements from the original game that they will enjoy and users who have no knowledge of Mabinogi will still be able to fully enjoy Vindictus.

In order to highlight the action in Vindictus, we aimed to create an interactive experience with monsters as well as the surrounding environment. In order to do that, the online game play inside the dungeons had to utilize a physics engine. In accomplishing this feat, we focused on Half Life 2 and the Source Engine. As a result, we are proud of the detailed action found in Vindictus. Inside the dungeons, players can experience many portions of the dungeon breaking and collapsing during the battles. Most of the objects in the game can be picked up, thrown, and used as weapons. In fact, even the corpses of dead monsters can be used as weapons.

Just as the turn-based system employed in strategy simulation games has been replaced by RTS systems, future online games will become more action oriented. Because advancements in technology are allowing for more detailed expressions, what was once left to the imagination of players is now becoming more visible to the player.

The combat system in Vindictus is in the forefront of this trend and utilizes a fully fledged action game format. A hit will only register when a user ‘ s weapon makes precise contact with a monster minor-latin;s body and the monster is, in turn, impeded. It is completely different from the sedate combat method employed in normal MMORPGs.

Although the game play is more action based, we feel that the game will appeal to a wide range of gamers – MMO gamers as well as action gamers.

Vindictus is a game that has been made to be simpler with abbreviated processes compared to normal MMORPGs. There is no need to run around looking for party members or travel far to enter a dungeon. Players can make a party and enter a dungeon easily from the dock located next to town. These aspects differentiate Vindictus from MMORPGs, which may progress much more slowly.

Currently, the crafting system is handled by an NPC. Basic battles utilize four member parties, but certain battles utilize a raid format which allows for up to eight members. Our plan is to expand this to instanced dungeon levels prevalent in MMO games. For PVP, we are planning to include different modes and currently have the P match, which is a CTF style game.

We have a long list of features and content that will be developed in the future. Based on feedback from our players, new items will be added or deleted from this list. Some things that we consider crucial for a long-term life cycle of the game will be maintained despite some fear from users. However, we want to add things that the players really want as long as they are possible. Unfortunately though, we will not be able to fulfill requests for things that go against the identity of the games or the acceptable worldview contained in the game.

From what we can read here, 2010 is going to be a great year for MapleStory Europe. With even more awesomeness to come!!!

MapleStory Resistance Jobs

The new MapleStory Resistance jobs currently are 2 jobs containing:

The BattleMage and the WildHunter.

The BattleMage is a Mage that fights with his stick and magic. It unleases powerfull attacks that have far more range then any warrior weapon would have.

This BattleMage does not get magic guard in the 1st job skills.

This job uses both int and luck as stats. Int as the main stat

The Wildhunter is a hunter that mounts its saber tooth tiger to ride around in the maple world. It also has the ability to attack while riding its mount

This job uses both dex and str. Dex as their main stat

Check out my latest video about what I am referring to

Also in this video, I made the skill names up. Those are not the real skill names!!


The new MapleStory Resistance jobs currently are 2 jobs containing:

[Beginners] Resistance base (level 1 ~ 10) AP6
Crystal throw
[the master level 3]
collected from the mines will attack the enemy’s base throwing distance.
MP consumed by 3 Damage 10
Damage 25 by spending MP 5
MP consumption by 7 Damage 40

[master level: 3]
for a short time crisis hiding to escape the move.
The cooldown: 1 minute
MP 5 to spend 10 seconds behind the body, increase speed 5
MP10 20 seconds to consume the body behind, improve speed 10
MP 15 consumer bodies and 30 seconds behind, moving speed of 15 Improve

Communication at Merit
[Master Level: 3]
to solve the insufficient supplies of medicine are taught how to use efficiently.
hoebokryang 110%
120% hoebokryang
hoebokryang 130%

[Master Level: 5]
the enemy’s weaknesses Fargo cause for the fatal attacks can become critical.
a 50% chance, critical damage 200%

[Master Level: 1]
as the monster’s strength has dropped below 40%, then the trap can be a monster.
leopard habitat Monsters can be captured to use as they ride.
MP 10 consumption, take a monster. Take up with five kinds.

Hunter’s call
[Master Level: 1]
to help their pets to consume MP calls out. Captured during their mopdeul are summoned randomly.
Required skill: Take a level above
10 Consumption MP of the summoned monsters captured.

1st Battle Mage (Levels 10-30)

Triple blow
[master-level : 20]
skills three key battered a number of nearby enemies quickly 3only to attack . up to 6dogs can strike the enemy .
MP 10 consumer , base damage 22
MP 10 consumer , base damage 24
MP 10 consumer , base damage 26
MP 10 consumer , base damage 28
MP 10 consumption , primary damage 30
MP 10 consumer , base damage 32
MP 10 consumer , base damage 34
MP 10 consumer , base damage 36
MP 10 consumer , base damage 38
MP 10 consumer , base damage 40
MP 20 consumer , base damage 42
MP 20 consumer , base damage 44
MP 20 consumer , base damage 46
MP 20 consumer , base damage 48
MP 20 consumption , primary damage 50
MP 20 consumer , base damage 52
MP 20 consumer , base damage 54
MP 20 consumer , base damage 56
MP 20 consumer , base damage 58
MP 20 consumer , base damage 60

attack finish
[the master-level : 10]
tooth comes out blown away in the form of light to attack the enemy . ‘s battering skills and BJ series can be used only by continuous and , stronger skills when used with blow damage is stronger than . the maximum 6of the enemy can attack dogs .
MP 11 consumer , base damage 21
MP 12 consumer , base damage 22
MP 13 consumer , base damage 23
MP 14 consumer , base damage 24
MP 15 consumer , base damage 25
MP 16 consumer , base damage 26
MP 17 consumer , base damage 27
MP 18 consumer , base damage 28
MP 19 consumer , base damage 29
MP 20 consumer , base damage 30

[Master Level : 15]
Up , Down , Left , Right arrow keys, using the same map on the other location at regular intervals to move is .
MP 50 consume Teleport , distance 136
MP 49 consume Teleport , distance 137
MP 46 consume Teleport , distance 138
MP 43 consume Teleport , distance 139
MP 40 consume Teleport , distance 140
MP 37 consume Teleport , distance 141
MP 34 consume Teleport , distance 142
MP 31 consume Teleport , distance 143
MP 28 consume Teleport , distance 144
MP 25 consume Teleport , distance 145
MP 22 consume Teleport , distance 146
MP 19 consume Teleport , distance 147
MP 16 consume Teleport , distance 148
MP 13 consume Teleport , distance 149
MP 10 consumption by Teleport , distance 150

Dark Aura
[Master Level : 20]
own body black aura emitting party’s damage and improve . come the duplicates can not use .
MP 15 consume Damage 1% Enhanced
MP 15 consume Damage 1% Enhanced
MP 15 consumption Damage to 2% enhanced
MP 15 Damage to spend 2% enhanced
MP 15 consumption damage by 3% strengthening
MP 20 consumption damage by 3% strengthening
MP 20 damage to consume 4% strengthening
MP 20 damage to consume 4% strengthening
MP 20 and damage consumer 5% strengthening
MP 20 consumption damage by 5% strengthening
MP 25 consumption damage by 6% strengthening
MP 25 consumption damage by 6% strengthening
MP 25 damage to consume 7% strengthening
MP 25 damage to consume 7% strengthening
MP 25 consumption damage by 8% Strengthening
MP 30 consume damage 8% Enhanced
MP 30 consume damage 9% strengthening
MP 30 consume damage 9% strengthening
MP 30 consume damage 10% enhanced
MP 30 consume damage 10% enhanced