Today there was a intersting Q&A with the Nexon NA team. Even though basil crashed 5 minutes before the actual ending time we still got a nice amount of questions answered:

nxeurydice: Question After the Bigbang Patch, the NPC to enter the Visitor PQ was removed. Characters left inside are still able to PQ, but no one else can enter.

» So, short answer is it was intended to remove the Visitors PQ.» But only because we could not implement it fully after Big Bang.

» We would like it to come back soon, but it will take a lot of work.
nxyadeera: Question: When is the Chaos patch being released?

»Chaos will be coming out during the summer of 2011.
nxeurydice: Question: i want to know if masteria wil be developed more.

»Tough one. We have worked on Masteria expansions on and off for several years now.

»But none of every been taken as far as being tested. We would still like to do an expansion, but currently it’s not being worked on actively. That doesn’t mean we have no plans to do something with Masteria.
nxyadeera: Question: Do you guys work directly with Nexon Korea to help us get our content faster, or do you work pretty seperately?

» Our team works directly with our developers at Nexon Korea to create content for global MapleStory.

nxhadza: Question: Will Guild Party Quest be removed with the Guild Revamp?

» We are currently disscussing what to do with Guild Party Quest in the upcoming guild revamp. We’ll keep you posted!

nxhadza: Question: are there any special events comming up soon?»

Yes! We have some classics like Valentine’s Day and Mardi Gras, but we also have the Golden Temple coming back next month.

nxeurydice: Question: When are the remaining Heroes going to be released?»

We are taking a break from adding new classes for a little while.»

We got a lot of feedback that new classes are coming too fast.»

We are going to focus on new content like quests, PQs, and events for a while before we add any new classes.

nxyadeera: Question: Will there be any more changes to Maps in MapleStory? If so, Which maps will be changed?

» We are pretty happy with all of the map changes from Big Bang, so we do not plan on changing any at this time.

nxeurydice: Question:Following the subject of too many of something too fast, is anything ever going to happen to motivate people to use worlds like Yellonde? It’s a really depressing place right now

» We are currently looking into some server restructuring that should ease this problem without getting rid of any worlds. Hopefully we can give you details soon.
nxyadeera: Question: Is there any thought regarding the revival of monster book? It was removed during big bang.

» Unfortunately most players did not find Monster Book very popular, so we do not plan to bring it back.
nxhadza: Question: Whenever you create or add new content to Maplestory, is there any type of process you use? If so, what are they?

» Great question! Yes, it’s actually a long and complicated process that is planned months in advance. We initially brainstorm ideas, then create a short proposal summarizing the content we want to create. We work with the development team in Korea to refine and fit it within the schedule. We start building the systems to support the new content, do internal testing and finally release it. The process takes 6 to 7 months from start to finish.
nxeurydice: Question: Is Lionheart castle going to be the relief we are all expecting? After BB 130+ training is even worse and has caused a large amount of frustration. Is it the amazing training spot

»Lionheart is pretty good for high level players. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.» We know you are having a hard time now and we are looking into ways to make it better.
nxeurydice: Question: If monster book was removed for being unpopular, why keep the 7th day market? Everyone HATES it with a passion

» We actually didn’t know you hated it so much. ^^

» If most players really feel that way, we can consider removing it.
nxeurydice: Question: To Eurydice: Is it fun writing up the Dev Blogs? Do you enjoy telling maplers whats going on behind the scenes?

» Yes! I love it, but sometimes it is hard to come up with topics on a regular basis.

» If you have ideas, please post them in the forums!