Hello readers!

Long time no see eh!?

Today I wanted to blog about the european branch of Nexon! NexonEU!

As probably many players from all their games are wondering… WHATS GOING ON???

Nexon EU host the following games

Maplestory Europe – Recently updated

Combat Arm Europe – recently updated

Mabinogi Europe – last update [17/11/2010]

Fantage Europe – last update/event 2 months ago

Atlantica online Europe  – recently got a big update

Mabinogi hasn’t been updated for MONTHS,  Fantage hasn’t had a word from Nexon for over 2 months! Maplestory Europe is being attacked by hackers resulting in a messed up economy making everything worthless. Currently only combat arms is holding on. They have a lot of hackers there but that has always been the case!

What Nexon is going to do with all these problems? We don’t know.. Nexon told very little to nothing at all about future plans and how they will manage them.

Personally I hope Nexon gets a nice boost and will update or even change their programs in their defence against hackers!  Hopefully more news will be given out soon regarind Mabinogi and Fantage!

Seeing Vindictus Europe is going to be released this year (confirmed at the E3) I hope things will be sorted out by then!~

If you see a hacker make sure to report him/her~!

If you see a GM make sure to ask: WHATS GOING ON??